Being a teen, like most, I have acne/skin problems. Mainly around my chest and breast area. I have many stress issues how I deal with stress and the way I do it is ,as gross as this may seem, pick zits. 8-| Now sometimes I get a bit carried away, and end up making scabs on the said acne areas. In this case my left breast. This scab has been here a wile, about 2 weeks, But Ive been taking care of it by often applying alcohols and other germ/infection killers. I just got out of the shower and I accidentally wiped away my scab and Exposing the tissue underneath it was white but it wasn't infection or puss. and this small hair-like thing was poking out the middle of the scab. I looked closer and grabbed my tweezers and pulled it out. It looked like a zit, but it was longer and stood straight up and left a small yet deep hole in the scab approx the same size of the "zit" I think It may be a ingrown hair..but I only get these on my breast. Any ideas on what this little white "rod" is?