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So I've had this scab on my ankle for a few years now and it WILL NOT HEAL! I have no idea what it is. I got it about 5-6 years back and I don't even remember how it appeared. I figured it was just a scrape I had gotten and I left it alone to heal. Weeks passed and I noticed it hadn't healed so I picked off the scab in hopes of speeding up the healing process. It has never healed or gone away. It just keeps scabbing over. It doesn't hurt or bleed. It has stayed the same size and its not an abnormal color. I have no other spots/scabs like this and all of my cuts heal just fine.

About 2 years ago I told my doctor and he prescribed me some kind of cream. The cream worked and after a few weeks the scab was gone and all that was left was a dark scar. However, sometime after that, the scab reappeared and I'm having the same problem over again.

I tried doing some research and the only answer I can find is cancer. But I feel that if it was cancerous it would have spread or something. I mean, this has been on my leg for 5-6 years! I know I need to go to a dermatologist but I just want to know if anyone has had this same problem? Can anyone share some similar experiences?


Any injury that won't heal in prolonged period of time or reappearing scabs should be checked by your doctor. Also, picking scabs won't speed up healing process. That's how much I know.