My mother has been suffereing with this bloating feeling in her stomach for the past 8 years. She has a lot of gas in her stomach that causes her to burp out air when you press down her stomach.  She already has low-thyroid, but we dont think thats the cause of her belly being constantly bloated. When you put your hand next to her stomach you feel like bubbles are in there. IS it something shes eating that causes this? Cause she hardly eats anything because of it. Another weird thing is she  gets alot of joint pain around her whole body do to over stressting herself with chores around the house, we tell her not to do it, but do to her hormone imbalance from the thyroid she gets all cranky cause of it. An knowing her condition that she shouldnt be doing these kinds of things makes it a whole lot worse. SHe ends up like a balloon, an we have to end up massaging her arms and feet, she starts to burp like you cant even imagine! so much air coming out of her body! I have to do this everyday. The doctors we ask never give us good answers, they still havent solved the problem. We dont know what it is, it looks like shes bloating bigger and bigger everyday. If someone can please help id appreciate it! Thanks!