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Last Jan. I was diagnosed w/a mass on R. kidney. No insurance since. But, I've noticed along w/alot of back pain, both sides and flank pain, both sides, that there's these white foamy clusters of small bubble like particles. Also some clear, larger circles, that stand separately and are single like with a dark rim around the edges. So, that's 2 kinds of things I've seen here lately. Do you know if that's related to the kidney mass? I will have health ins. for Aug. only and am schedualed for some CT scans, w/and w/out contrast, but, NEED to know asap about this urine floating things>thank you for your help !! I also have little appetite, very tired and don't pee as often as ever before, some swelling of feet/hands. and very tired.

Susan Duzik, Montana



Can you tell me more about the mass that you have on your right kidney? The things that you describe in your post remind me of dysfunction of the kidney caused by this mass. It can be that your kidney is not filtering the blood very well which then goes out through your urinary track. Are you using any medication for the kidney mass? This can also be caused by medication. There are a lot of side effects that medications have which can affect your kidneys in many ways. Do you feel any pain while you urinate? You will have to find a way to get rid of that mass on your right kidney. I think that this is the main problem.