6 months ago I feel I has red urine so I did urine test and Rbc, wbc, protein, was trace. Rbc was 70 90 at that time. And wbc was 10-15 hpf. I had back pain and then I went to doc he told me to do cbc, kft, ultrasound right away. On very next morning I went for tests and did test but on very next day every report came normal including xray(some inflammation on right lung came) and urine test too. I take that report to out family doc he said. Nothing is come up so don't worry drink plenty of water. But due to high Rbc I still did 3 times urine test randomly ocxasion in search of Rbc. Nothing was came up. Now on Jun I again feel back and side pain. So did urine test and Rbc was 2-3 wbc 5-8 with presence of calcium olxalte and EpithelialI cell 10-15 hpf. This time doc again send me for ultrasound, culture test and put me on nolrflox 400 for a week. So I did test on very next day and ultrasound report was just normal no mass or calculi seen with normal bladder and kidney. Urine report was also came normal with some wbc and epithelial cell and no Rbc. Problem is: doc put me on uti treatment with antibiotics on which I'm not able to tale nolrflox due to I found my allergy to it on 3rd day. And on 3rd I start bladder pain and burning sensation after urine with lower back and flank pain. The my doc put me on monocef 200mg bd for a 2 week which I did and once there was almost no pain for 2 days but again pain come back. And the after 2 weeks he put me on gramocef cv. Right now this is my 4th week of treatment and still I have incredible pain on bladder and flank area on kidney. I almost not able to sleep last night. Please advice does current treatment is sufficient for my condition. My symptoms are: infrequent lower back and side pain on kidneys area. Dyduria, feel like ant are running on pubic area to penis. Sometimes shivering on hands. Tension. Sometimes nausea. On 6month ago my kft show .81 creatinine and recent test shows 1.2 and also little jump in Urea too but in limits.