I am a student, so I get alot of work. So stress in enevitable, right? Well, two days ago, I ate something that did not agree with me. Well, I am an easily nervous person so I thought something was wrong with me. I started shaking and feeling cold and a slight soreness in my throat  sometimes when I would breathe deeply. When I went to my normal doctor, he told me it was all because of my acid reflux and I am stressing over it.

The symptoms that I orginally had are over, but I still have problems. I have school projects, my brother was just hospitalized. After visiting the doctor I got a feeling in my throat like if you run in cold air and try to breathe in, but only sometimes when I breathe in deeply. And yesterday, when I figured out about my brother, I started to get a tight-muscle feeling in the left side of my neck, it seemed all the symptoms stopped after I talked to my mother and brother, but they started up this morning.

Im a little of a hypochondriac, so I am worried.

Am I having stress symptoms? Or is it something I should be worrying about?