I had a TT 8 weeks ago. I thought I was feeling ok until about a month after the surgery. I start noticing the tightness around the incision area. Then I noticed the lump in the throat feeling. I thought maybe it was mucus that was stuck in my throat, or post nasal drip, since I do suffer from spring and ummer allergies. But it is now October, and I'm still having the same symptoms. I've attempted to to start using some type of pure vitamin E and 30 +sunscreen to aid with the healing process and to protect the incision from the sun rays....but the incision is still sensitive to the touch, and it burns when I put try to use the two, so I just use soap and water to try and keep the incision clean.  It seems like I cannot get this mucus out of my throat. And also feels like I cannot breathe, even though when I do go to a doctor's appointment my oxygen levels are fine. My primary doctor seems to think that it is anxiety,  but the medication she has me on doesn't seem to be helping . I've had my Synthroid dosage adjusted three times ,  so now I have to wait another four to six weeks to check my blood levels.  I went from Synthroid 125, down to Synthroid 75. I believe if I can just get this mucus feeling out of my throat, I would be doing much better. Just want to know if anyone else is having this breathing problem along with any of the other  symptoms that I've mentioned after my surgery. Also, could someone please tell me what type of therapy is used to massage the incision to help ease the tightness and pulling sensation?  That way I will know what type of therapist to inquire about at my next doctors appointment.