Basically, I am 16 years old and suffer from health anxiety disorder. I am currently taking 20mg of fluoxetine everyday, which I take with a few gulps of water. 

This morning I ate a sandwich and shortly after took my fluoxetine capsule, and started to notice a ball in throat type feeling which lead to it becoming a greater pain in my chest area, where the heart is. The pain occurs suddenly as a shooting pain at times and also when I breathe deeply or cough, it is worrying me because I didn't get any sort of acid reflux from taking it, which sometimes normally occurs, the pain  has lasted all day and is starting to worry me and bring on my anxiety, especially when the pain feels so serious and as if the pill is still stuck in my chest/throat after hours and hours. 

If anyone has any ideas to what is happening please reassure me because it feels like something serious and is really bothering me. 

Thank you.