I was a methadone user for nearly two and a half years and was loving every bit off it. I was taking it at first to substitute hydrocodeine. which with the hydros I could take 3 at a time every 4 hours easily then a friend introduced me to methadone which was a money saver because I could take a 10mg pill and half it to make it last two days which was great. Then came the time where I would take 10mg a day and never would I go over 30mg until the methadone clinic came where I could pay a flat fee of $14 and go as high as I wanted. Soo two years of the clinic and I was going no where but stuck at 85mg. wanting to come off yet scared to go down. I then was told of Suboxine so I did a little research and learned more about it. It would take away my pain withdrawls but ot give me that warm itchy motivated feeling. I realized that if I was going to be serious about wanting to get clean I had to want it mentally. The suboxine which mind you I have been on for a month now has been great for me. I dont hurt physically and my mental state is back to the way it was before I ever even started taking pills. Granted without insurance it is expensive but if you can get medical coverage it can be a life saver the withdrawls are no where near as severe. (research) I was even scared to take them at first so I started off at a half of an 8mg pill a day and by the third day I was taking my full dose 2 times a day 8 mg. there are days that I dont take 2 and feel just fine. The catch is that if you start on suboxine youhave to be clean from opiates for at least 72hrs or it will put you in withdrawls and the word withdrawls alone sounds scary I had only been clean for 24 hrs when I took my first half of a pill. You have to put it under your tongue to its a subliguil pill meaning you let it dissolve under your tongue and you can feel the affects immediately. I do hate that I have to substitute one drug for another but my side effects are no where near as bad as they would be having to get off methadone.