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I was off and on lortabs for about two years then, stupidly, listen to a friend who suggested I try methadone bc I would rather deal with the pain than the side effects of opiates. It's been about a year I've taken it and as I don't go to clinic, purchase from a friend, there are a lot times I have to go up to 4-5 days without anything which is really hard. Here's my question..I only take approx. 20-30mg a day sometimes less, will the DT process be shorter or less intense since I'm ona low dose? What are suggestions to help get thru DT's...I've got 4 kids, one of which is at home with me everyday all day. I DON'T want to take ANYTHING anymore and the ONLY reason I'm still taking this is to maintain..not go thru withdrawls...any suggestions/comments?


honey there is no way to come off of 30 mg of methadone except the way everyone else does....SLOWLY.. YOU WILL BE VERY SICK AND WERE NOT TALKING KICKING A HEROIN  OR PILL SICK WE ARE TALKING SICK FOR A LONG TIME AND ITS BAD!! don't do it!!get on a clinic work your way up to privlege status and your life will be wonderful!! like mine!!! it will be your medication you wont pay what your paying, it is legal and you can rely on yourself for a change instead of your supplier!!screw that!! any clinic will take you gladly under your circumstances!! be honest tell the truth and I promise you the freedom you will experience will blow your mind!! I promise!!DONT JUST WALK OFF!!!