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Next Month I Will be Detoxing Off Of Suboxone, I have Been On Two 8's A Day. He Is Going To Ween Me Off Slowly Withing Six Months. I've Been Through Heroin Withdrawals An methadone Withdrawals And I Have Heard From Many People that The Withdrawal From Suboxone Isn't As bad as The Two Listed Above. But Still There Will Be Sympoms Of Withdrawals There.


Hi Eric: Yes there will be some withdrawls, but keep in mind everyone going through withdrawls has a different experience. Some have only a few hiccups - so to speak! And others feel like life is over! It just depends on what you and your doctor do. The latter is ufually from people being addicts for years then all of a sudden going cold turkey. It sounds like your doctor is really on the ball an dhas your best interest and health in mind. I know you are starting to feel nervous. But I will tell you a trick that TOTALLY worked for me, just incase your doctor doesn't tell you this. Since your brain is the one with the problem, you have to do everything in your power to to trick it. It sounds crazy doesn't it? Same brain, one side knowing you are tricking it, the other doesn't have a clue! That's how disolutioned it is.

So get a pill cutter. And once your doctor starts weaning you, cut up all the pills in half. So your brain will REALLY not believe you are almost out - which can send it in a panic! And calm down! It worked for me Eric, and I thought my last 1/2 pill was my life!!!! o.O 8-| So don't take it too fast, be open with your doctor, tell him if you don't feel good or things are going great and you could move it up a bit. Becasue when you have been an adict for awhile, your regular brain will want off of it SO badly - like yesterday, it will make you go off it!!! Start learning some other techniques to relax, meditation, yoga, exercise, weight lifting, anything to increase your seratoning. And you will be healthier and more focused for the decrease! I wish you nothing but health and good luck through this, and you know that old saying "if I can do it so can you?" TOTALLY true here.