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This isn't a new topic I guess, it seems to be a common problem for people.
When I was about 16 (5 years ago) I started using H and any opiate I could find. I went to detox about a year and a half after I started. After detox I went to a 6 month rehab. Thank god for that place or I would have relapsed the first day. I went the 6 months clean, got out and the first week relapsed. Go me.

I was off everything for quite some time. I moved across the world for a year so that helped. I got back may of 2010. i've been doing opiates ever since. When I couldnt find any hydro's I would take subs. I've been taking probably .5- .25mg subs for 8 months but it hasnt been straight. The only reason I keep taking opiates or subs is cuz Im so afraid of WDs.
I have about .5 mg sub left. I want to get off of it, I tried once and by day 2 the aches were so bad I couldn't stand it, and I hear the worst is day 3-4. I found a sub that day, bought it and thats where the .5 comes from. It's been 3 days since my last sub dose, but i've been taking about 5 10mg hydros per day to keep me going. I have 1.5 pills left and i have 3 waiting for me with a friend. I don't know what to do. I live with someone who knows about my drug past but said they would never go down that road with me. I realize that seems harsh but I was a heroin addict, who wants to go through that?

I'm really lost. My plan was to take pills for a few days to get through the first few days of sub wd and then split the .5mg of sub i have between a few days. I'm just afraid nothing will work. I've even been willing to go thru the sub wds but I work a desk job 9-5 and I have an active lifestyle with my boyfriend. Im afraid of saying I have the flu for 2 weeks.

So I guess my question is, has anyone gone thru something similar of taking pills and subs? How long did those wds last? I know pills are only 4-7 days, but I know that subs are like 2 weeks. I'm too weak. I can't do 2 weeks of wds, i just cant.
Someone please help


I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!  You are like me and am so preoccupied with how long it will last, but that only ADDS to the anxiety....I have 10 days to get off it and if I still feel weak, I plan to drink LOTS of coffee!  Just remember YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT!  In the grand scheme of things, a couple weeks is NOTHING compared to the outcome in the end.  I've never had a baby, but pregnant women go through hell for months!  The human body can deal with a lot.  Some people get pneumonia for weeks....we can do it.....just look at the finish line, and keep focused on it.  Don't read the negative blogs!!!  I did that, and it only heightened my anxiety.  

About work, you NEED to call in sick....people DO get sick for for a week to a 1.5 weeks.  You're health is #1!  Make sure you're not required to do anything for a week.  I took the week off work, so with the weekends, I have 10 days to do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and watch a lot of movies.  The dr. can prescribe you meds for the symptoms.  I'm about to submit a post called "The TRUTH about Suboxone withdrawals/detox" because I'm frustrated by all the negative people writing such negative things about it, and then we get into our heads about it, which ends up making it worse.  But, we all just want answers, but remember these are NOT doctors, just people's personal experiences.  My dr. said "don't read the blogs....the people who get off it successfully don't go back and write blogs about it....they just continue on with their lives"....good point doc!  I wish you the best!  You can do it!!!!!!!!! So, if you can, AVOID the negative blogs.....they'll only make you FEARFUL....

P.S.  I've been on opiates for 6 years, then went on suboxone for another 5 years, which means 11 years of steady opiates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If I can do it, you can!!!!!!


I am compelled to write this because the number of people who have been misinformed by their physicians or other professionals about Suboxone. I was originally prescribed fentanyl citrate patches, 75micrograms/hr. for a bad back. After about 5 months of that, I quit cold turkey. I was miserable for 4 or 5 days, and then the symptoms disappeared completely. My back pain though came back with a vengeance. So I once again started using the patches.

My doctor finally performed surgery, and I asked him if he could help me detox from the fentanyl citrate with out the withdrawals. He prescribed Suboxone, 16 mg a day. He did very little explaining on how it worked. The sucker that I was, I consented.

I am really not an addict, and after the fentayl experience, I am very conservative on trying new drugs. So I never took more than 4 mg a day. I did this until 8-22-2012. This was by accident. I had taken a trip to Port Aransas, TX to fish. When I arrived, I didn’t realize it, but my prescription fell out of bag in my truck. So I thought I had lost it.

On the first day with out my Suboxone, I really didn't notice a difference. On the second day depression set in. I began to urinate constantly. My appetite began to go. Food tasted like card board. I didn't know what was happening.

On the third day, I began to lose motivation and energy. I began to uncontrollably cry. That night I tossed and turned, and urinated all night. I wanted to blow my brains out. The next day, I made an appointment with my doctor who had prescribed the Suboxone. When he asked me if I was still taking the Suboxone, I explained to him I had lost my prescription, and that I had not taken it for four days. For the first time I learned I was suffering Suboxone withdrawals. He was going to place me back on it and have cut the dosage down slowly. I told him no ! I didn't want to go back now since it already been four days since I took my last dose. I did this because I believed like the fentanyl withdrawals I be finished on the fifth day.

No such luck. So I decided to look on the internet for help. When I did, I was shocked by the fact that there were literally hundreds of testimonials about people who were detoxing from Suboxone. The biggest scare was that a lot of them still were detoxing in the sixth week. I could not bare having to put up with this for that long. I was pissed at my doctor now for not informing of the long process and the misery I would experience in detoxing from Suboxone.

I was angry at everyone around me. I was agitated. I was depressed, I was restless at night. I had almost zero energy, and absolutely no motivation to even get out of bed in the mornings. I had to do something or I was going to do something stupid like blow my brains out. So I read up on how Suboxone works on the internet. From that I decided that if I could trick my brain into believing it was getting Suboxone, maybe I could beat these awful withdrawals. So I hypothesizer that if I began taking some dosages of an opioid, like hypermorphone or norco, I could bring back my motivated and energy. If that worked I would than wien myself off the opioid after 60 days, since my experience has been that the worst that would happen is that I would have only a few days of withdrawals rather than the 60 days of withdrawals from Suboxone. So beginning two days ago I began taking .2 mg of hypermorphone pills. IT WORKED ! I feel great ! I have energy, even though I am taking a very low dosage of an opioid. I will update this biog. in one week. Good Luck detoxing !

P. S. Suboxone SUCKS