I started off my opiate dependency like most others, had a couple herniated discs, bulging discs and almost unbearable siatic pain. Started with low dose hydrocodone, percs, then moved to roxy's, and it just took off from there. Was taking 2 80mg oxy's ontop of 4 roxy's a day, all just to function, not get high, and then realized the extremity of my addiction. Quickly switched to heroin, about 10-15 bags a day depending on money. This went on for 3 yrs. Switched over to subutex. Took that for 2 yrs, snorted about 6-8mgs per day. Got down to 2mgs per day and decided to stop cold turkey. It was extremely hard the first month, then felt a million times better. Best decision I ever made. I have a very strong will and extremely stubborn. Was over allowing something else to run my life. During that 1st month, I was going through a divorce. Court appearances, patenting classes, all while sweating, not being able to sit still, couldn't think straight, but somehow made it happen. You can definitely push through anything if you set your mind to it. And here I am, last subtext was January 1st 2013. But I am still experiencing slight withdrawals. Restless legs, trouble sleeping, diarrhea, slight depression, lack of energy and no motivation. Still a complete turnaround from when I was using. I am just curious how much longer this will last? I know PAWS can last for months, but this long? Now it's making me think there's something really wrong. Every decision to quit any of the drugs was my decision. I would just stop going to the doctor. They can't be trusted. The withdrawals themselves really aren't as bad as most make it sound. It's a really bad and flu for a few weeks. Nothing that you can'tget though throug. Now it's ù6really starting to get to me that I stiave all these symptoms. I can deal with iting wit But I can't waor it to be all over with. If anyone can help me out who has struggled with such a long period of mild symptoms, please fill me on what you do to cope. I'll never go back to my previous lifestyle, just want to see what I can do to stop a lot of these lingering symptoms. All opinions, facts. Suggestions and wisdom is greatly appreciated