I have been on suboxone for 4 yrs, and recently decided I am fed up depending on something everyday. I was doing roxys or heroin everyday I couldnt afford my drug habbit it was time to get help. I saw a dr. N I thought suboxone was a miracle medicine no withdrawals even got a slight high off it. Well boy was I wrong doctors misinformed me for yrs never once telling me it was highly addictive n harder to get off than opiates due to the half life. Suboxone is the devil n doctors just want your money. Be careful my question is has any1 been on subs for this long? N how long will it take for the w.ds to go away and be 90-100% better?i started at 16mgs a day and kicked at 2mgs. Im 9 days clean and just wanna feel normal again I know in the end the payoff of having myself back will b well worth the pain im going threw now. Oh yea day 7-9 been feeling a lot of anger never dealt w. This before anyone else? Im just looking for some hope at this point.