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i'm 17 years old and my current boyfriend is 18. i have had 2 other sexual partners. my sex life has always been normal. i have always had feeling everywhere in and around my vagina. but just recently i was on antibiotic due to sinus infection, it was the z pak. i have been off of it for 2 weeks and possibly a few days. i did not have sex while on the meds, and when i finally did have sex, i could only feel him going in and out. there is no ''good'' feeling. my clit is fine just internally no true sensation. my ph levels are perfect i have no infections.i am able to lubercate just fine and still get turned on. there is no pain not anything just lack of sensation. i just (2.19.13) bought a probiotoic hoping it will help? 


omg i have trhe same problem i dont know what to do...but for me its been months since i felt anything since bfore october last year!! :(