today after some rough foreplay with my boyfriend, i experienced sever swelling of my inner labia. it became water balloon like and protruded from the outer labia.

I've never had this happen before, even after foreplay or sex much rougher than what we did today.

my left side swelled to about the size of the tip of my little finger, but the right side has swollen to almost the size of my thumb! I think the swelling has stopped but still hasn't gone down after about 4 hours.

I've tried using cooled, damp wash cloths as a type of cold compress to try and get the swelling to go down but so far nothing.

it is very sensitive and somewhat painful.

from other responses posted on similar topics I've heard that i may need to see a doctor to have it drained?? is this true?

i would like to avoid the doctor as much as possible.

if anyone has any ideas or knows what this might be, please respond. it would be greatly appreciated.