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Today me and my bf were doing things, and he was fingering me pretty hard, and his hand slipped and scratched me pretty bad on accident, so we stopped. i ignored it for the rest of the day till earlier when i had to use the restroom and it hurt, so i wanted to see how bad it was so I grabbed a handheld mirror and looked, and saw a huge lump..

I have large inner labia, they're not TOO large, but they're large enough, and around the right side of my hood, there's a HUGE lump. It's about the size of..a pretty large pea.. or a small marble...maybe a centimeter diameter? and it's almost like.. rolling a nut around in a sack.. :$ but more limited movement, a lot smaller, and not a sack..

it's not like a zit or a pimple, it's like a knot, like.. a ball inside my inner labia. it doesn't hurt, and i don't know if it will hurt later. it wasn't there earlier today, so it grew within about 6-7 hours..

For the past year or so every once in a while i've gotten a single little pimple on my innerlabia, but they could be popped, and weren't on the inside, and i think they were from shaving or ingrown hairs.

i don't know what it is, and i'm quite terrified. I can't go to the gynecologist, even though i want to.. 

Do any of you have any idea what it might be..? i'm so terrified and disgusted right now.. i'm in tears, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. :'(


 Edit: it actually hurts now, and even more when i touch on it.. and it's been about 5 minutes since i originally posted this..

it's not an extreme pain, or enough to make me squirm, but it does hurt


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Hi just read your post and there have been quite a few girls with the same sort of problem as you hun.
I looked your symptoms up be they all sort of lead to the same thing either a boil or deep ingrowing hair and say use warm compress or take a warm bath twice a day until it comes to a head.
Hope this helps you and it gets better real soon hun :-)


I am 14years old i have had it since i was 12 how do i get rid of it