I had meningioma at c2-c3 level which got operated 4 months back. During post operative period I was on ventilator for 39 days. I had problem like extreme pain in shoulder and hands, hallucination, couldn't sleep in flat position, sleeping disorder, breathing pattern change, no bowel and bladder sensation, tremors, no limb movements. After physiotherapy my left hand working better than right hand. I couldn't walk normally that's why i need support, my right side is much weaker. After three months I could sleep but still my bed position is in 30 degree and I could sleep only in supine position. Now my breathing capacity increase (I can breath upto 1100 through spirometer) but still breathing pattern is not normal (reverse), my hands are working normally but still there is a extreme stretching pain in right and left shoulder and I have to take pain killer for that, I cant walk normally. After removing catheter (urine bag) there is now bladder control and i am using diaper when i was out. No bowel sensation so i am taking medicine and using enema. Please guide me when I will be in normal position and give me the solution for stretching pain.