i read all of your posts, and last night after leaving my friends concert i was driving home with a friend of mine. we had smoked quite a bit of pot outside seeing as ive been using heavily for about 4 years i thought i could handle it. suddenly i started to have trouble breathing and started to get a numbing sensation in my hands so i got out of the car and asked my friend to drive. mind you my house is only a few min away from where we are and i ask him to stop and let me out at this point i was completely sumb and my hands seemed to be stuck in an awkward position. i jumped out of my car and layed on the ground at this point i thought i was going to die right there in the parking lot (the cop that was following us made this all 20 times as bad as it was). from there i wanted to walk home i stopped at turkey hill and washed my face and hands in the sink still feeling this intense anxiety or at least hats what i think it was and i got a bottle of water and walked home it was hard to sleep that night because i still couldn't breathe but believe you me ill never smoke weed again