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Hi everybody,

About a week ago, I noticed a hard movable lump about a 1/4" above my right jawline....about the size of a bean. I was on vacation and had brought some antibiotics with me. I took 8 - 500mg of Amoxcillan and the bump did indeed diminish but it has now come back. I have read about swollen lymph nodes but from what I understand they are located UNDER the jawline. I do have problems with my teeth so i was thinking maybe an infection from a bad tooth. I have applied hot compresses and they do seem to decrease the size of the inflammation. Does anybody have an idea of what this might be and any suggestions on how to treat it?
Thank you so much.


Hello Tigerfan,
What did you ever find out that this lump was?? Did you end up going to a doctor? Any results?


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