Looking for some leads on reasons for swollen lymph nodes. I am an otherwise healthy 30 year old female with some minor GI problems. My issues are somewhat simular to IBS however during a CT they noticed there were enlarged lymph nodes on my bowels. They have done follow up CT's yearly and the lymph nodes are still present as well as my GI issues. The GI doctor does not want to put me on IBS medication because it could mask symtoms of a more serious illness. I was referred to a hymatologist but but even though my lymph nodes have inceased in size, they are still considered small. So I've basically just been moving through life with this issue with no resolve. I've research various possibilities online but nothing has really been done. Well now my son, who is almost 7 years old, has an enlarged lymph node on his jawline. He has seen doctors and they have said that his enlarged lymph node is normal. I have had my enlarged lymph nodes for years however my son has only had his since April 2013. I'm wondering if the fact that we both have occurances of enlarged lymph nodes is some how genetic. I've done some research and saw that Lupus could also cause enlarged lymph nodes. I was concerned because when I was a teenager I was misdiagnoised with Lupus. I'm not sure where to go from here. We both have seen doctors and have had blood work done as well however there has been no resolution. Thanks in advance!