Hi, 3 weeks ago I had a cold. One week ago I discovered 2 swollen lymph nodes above my left clavical - one the size of a small grape, the other the size of a pea. Both fairly hard but movable. I had a CBC done at my GP, which came back with signs of a viral infection. No surprise there. She said to keep an eye on it and if it's not gone in 3 weeks, we'll do a ct scan. What worries me is that my GP poked at the nodes and said 'oh, that might be a swollen lymph node!'. Ummmm, duh. Obviously Internet searches all say the left supraclavical is indicative of Cancer, and I realize that the Internet can make the smallest ailment sound like you are dying, but my GP's lack of reaction, and seeming lack of knowledge about what a swollen lymph node in this spot can indicate, worries me. I guess my question is, what is the appropriate protocol for diagnosing this particular lymph node. Other information: I have no other symptoms and no other noticeable swollen lymph nodes.