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last night, out of nowhere, my labia because really engorged and painful. i am a virgin, so i don't think this is an std. but the right side of my labia is really red and swollen, i thought i notices a purple splotch, but i can't see it now. also, there are small little white bumps, but i don't know if those have always been there. i'm worried because this seems to be escalating really quickly. also, i don't have health insurance right now, ironically my mom worked first at acog and then planned parenthood, so i don't want to talk to her.



I have a similar problem. My husband and I had sex two days ago. I ended my period a week ago, but noticed how sometimes the maxi pads make me itch! After we had sex, I started scratching my inner thigh and right outer labia...I scratched until I became raw and now my right side of my labia is swollen as well as have a few bumps. It isn't painful, there is no discharge or anything and there are no bumps present on the inside. Can someone please help?