For about a month and a half now, I have been dealing with alot of issues. I came across a feeling on my vaginafeeling swollen on the left side. I walked into to the GYN office where I was told I was going to be treated for a yeast infection. Two days later, i seen another doctor which told me I had vaginitis. I took flagyl for 7 days and the swelling went down. After a couple of days of completing treatment, my vagina was swollen again. I personally have never looked inside where the labia minora is and i don't know if these bumps were there prior before these issues. I went to planned parenthood, where the GYN told me it was normal and my pap smear was clean. I have been tested tor all stds and all were clear, but I still have discomfort. The bumps do not hurt or itch, but sometimes the vaginal entrance begins to hurt a little and I get a weird sensation. Discharge is normal as well.... I am also sexually active, but have refrained from sex because I was terrified i was somethin else... What could it be? :-(