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I realized I had a lump behind my ear about 3 months ago, I went to the Dr. and he said he would have to send me out to a specialist so that they could take a biopsy of the lump to see if it is cancerious. I'm really nervous.....


Hi there,

Is the lump growing or changing in size in any way? Usually these lumps tend to go away after some time, but if you are having this problem for three months it can be something more serious. Do you feel any pain when you touch it? Have you tried getting rid of this with any corticosteroid creams?

Do you know what sebaceous cysts are? They can appear like soft and symmetric lumps on skin. They can sometimes be the result of the ingrown hair. But as much as I know they don’t last that long, but there might be some chance. Dermatologist should be able to tell you what the lump really is.

Try not to be nervous because it only makes the situation worse.