About two years ago I had sexual intercourse with a woman I had met that night... the condom broke-off during sex but penetration without it lasted a minute at most. Two or three weeks after I developed symptoms similar to strep throat, lots of fatigue which lsated about two weeks. Those symptoms died down but the lymph node on the side that was swollen was enlarged and painful for approximately a month and 2 weeks afterwards. It never really occured to me that it could have been ARS, because the individual in question was 18 (as was I) and I guess I thought people that young couldn't have, or couldn't pass on hiv because it would be a relatively recently caught virus. I did however contract gonorrhea and was treated for it. I learned that this can increase the risk of transmission, and not knowing the background of the woman, just that she was the type to have a one-night stand now has me worried. I'm also experiencing ED now which I know can be realted to diabetes, which I have read can be a symptom of HIV later on during the infection. I believe I'm drawing strong assumptions out of random-internet information, but I would like an opinion from others because I'm having trouble getting the confidence to find out for sure... Any input?