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it's been more than 2 yrs since I have one right occipital lymph node swollen, it hasn't grown I can feel it, it's hard and it hurts sometimes. Very few times I don't feel it's swollen, what could this be? When I was like 4 yrs old I had mononucleosis


Inflamed nodes themselves are generally not a major concern, but if you have symptoms of another condition along with enlarged lymph nodes, consult your doctor.

Call your doctor:

•If the swelling of the nodes lasts for more than two weeks or you have symptoms such as weight loss, night sweats, fatigue, or prolonged fever
•If the nodes are hard, fixed to the skin, or are growing rapidly
•If you can feel swelling close to your collarbone or in the lower part of the neck
•If the overlying skin is red and inflamed and you suspect an infection
The diagnosis of swollen lymph nodes rarely requires emergency hospital treatment. The exceptions to this include a growing infection of the skin that requires treatment, a severely infected lymph node that needs to be drained, or severe pain.

I had mono in college and occasionally my lymph nodes swell when I get really sick, but they tend to go right back down and the doctor is never really concerned about them.


sick have a virus of some sort and have had neck pan and the back of my brain hurting for like a week now. can his happen from swollen lymph nodes? the ones in the front under the jaw are very swollen... I just wanna know if its just the lymph nodes causing the head ache and neck stress or if im dyeing lol...