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I have had a painful swollen lymph node in the base of the right side of my neck for 11 months. I have been to my primary care doctor, 2 different ENT doctors, 2 different orthopedic doctors, a neurologist, and an endocrine doctor. I had a CT scan in June 2011 and a MRI in November 2011. There are things there, but nothing that would point to anything with my lymph node, which is the whole reason I went to see any of these doctors. I went to the ENT doctor 3 weeks ago and they ordered blood test that was done that day, an ultrasound of my liver and spleen which was done a week ago, an aspiration of the painful swollen lymph node which was done 4 days ago, and an appointment with the infectious disease clinic which isn't until May. I have an appointment to go back to the ENT doctor for my results in 12 days, but I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can come in sooner. I hope it is an infection, but I am scared that it could be lymphoma. In October 2011 I weighed 135 and now I weigh 110. No matter what I do I lose weight. It's really frustrating because every test that I have done is coming back normal or nothing major.

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So no nodule on your thyroid? Went two years with thyroid levels normal and every doctor saying I was imagining it. Finally went to an Endo and had a nodule. Had half my thyroid out and my lymph nodes are not swollen anymore. I feel great.