HI I am a 23 year old female and for the past two months I have had a swollen lypmh node in my neck about the size of a dime maybe a little bigger. It does move when i am feeling of it and it has not gotten bigger but has pretty much remained the same size and sometimes it will decrease in size. The lymph node is located on the muscle on the left side right under my jawline. I can feel it pretty good when i lift my head up. It is a little tender but not really painful, but when i do it touch it i can feel a pain in the throat and my tonsil. I also have had a swollen tonsil on that side which has always given me problems. It constantly remains swollen and sometimes has these white ball looking things come out. My main worry is about the swollen lymph node and whether it is swollen because of my tonsil or if it could be something more serious. I was tested for strep and mono and both were negative and i was prescribed antibiotics but was not able to afford the medicine at the time and so i have not taken anything for an infection. Could this swollen gland be because of my tonsil? I am just worried that it is cancer and it really scared me. I have read about some of the signs of cancer like night sweats,weight loss, and fever and i have none of those symptoms. I would just really like some reassurance and to know what i should look for to be sure it is not cancer.