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heres a really long story but please help:
i am 18 years old and for almost 2 months i have had severe throat pain. i went to the doctor after this persisted for a week and she told me i just had a cold and my throat was the last thing to heal. she perscribed no medication.

1 week later my throat got worse and i had trouble swallowing. i went to the doctor again and she tested me for strep throat. my test came back negative and she told me that i just have an infection. she prescribed no medication.

1 week later the problem got worse and i saw the doctor again. she tested me for mono which came back negative and this time told me that i might have a bacterial infection and she prescribed me with antibiotics that lasted me ten days. the antibiotics helped the pain a LOT almost to the point where the pain was completely gone but the tonsils were still extremely swollen, especially on my right side.

ten days later i ran out of my antibiotics and my throat was fine for 2 days after that. then my throat got really severe again and it hurt so bad that i couldnt swallow ANYTHING i couldnt even drink soup because it would sting my tonsils. i went back to the doctor about a week later and she prescribed me more antibiotics along with some sterroids.

while i was on the medication i was totally fine there was no pain at all but still swollen. once i ran out of those i began to have severe throat pain again. on my right side only. its been about a week since ive been off the medication and its just getting worse. i dont know what to do. im seeing a specialist soon but im really concerned... what could this be?? please help!!


this is my exact same story ... its just as if i were saying it i have a lso been on medication for 10 days i havent ate at all i already lost eight pouns i am super hungry i aslo dont now what to do if u get cured let me know good luck !