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I am a twenty five year old male and I have a peculiar infection in my throat. It looks like I have pimples on either sides of my throat near my tonsils but not on it. There is no pain or difficulty while swallowing but it itches acutely from time to time and I have difficulty singing(I'am a vocalist). Ive been to the doctor who told me its a bacterial infection and prescribed two courses of antibiotics so far, the first one being. Cefpodoxime and Potassium Clavulanate tablets(Microcef-CV 200) and Gemifloxacin tablets respectively for ten days each.
There seems to have been a slight change but the infection persists just the same.
I had contracted this after a severe viral fever which lasted for six days without cold or sore throat. It has been two months now.......................

I would like some info or guidance regarding this infection, before I consult another doctor this week.



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