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I had tonsillitis about a month ago took antibiotics and all the sore throat and symptoms went away except my tonsils never fully went back down. Now I started feeling the symptoms again and my tonsils swelled up even more than the last lime. I'm taking antibiotics again and everything feels good except my tonsils are still swollen. What is the problem?


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Hello, RobRie.

Did you go to the doctor when symptoms started again or you took antibiotics by yourself? 

If you didn't consult your doctor, maybe you should pay him a visit, because there is a chance that you must remove your tonsils. 

A friend of mine also has tonsillitis last year and, after unsuccessful treatment, he went on operation. Summer is the right time for it, because good weather speeds up the process of recovery. It's pretty routine procedure, so there is no reason for fear.

Swollen tonsils often indicate that they must go out if antibiotics don't cure swelling. 

Also, you must check if tonsillitis became some other disease of the throat, which can cause swollen tonsils. It's unlikely, but you never know until you get professional opinion.