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I started out with a swollen tonsil on one side, the doctor gave me antibiotic and it went away within a week. Then a few days later I noticed my penis head and foreskin were itchy and slightly red. Later more symtoms came with fatigue, small head aches, itchy eyes and ears, white tongue, lower body pain (sore kindey, bladder, prostate, etc.). I treated myself for a yeast infection after self diagnosing myself. Using monistate made the small rash and itchiness disapear as well as the other symptoms. I then went to the doctors and he told me i looked fine after examination. I quite using the monistate after 4 days and then the rash has now came back. The doctor perscribed an antiviral medication in case the problems came back. Now my tonsils are swollen again and my tonge is white and also dry and raw. The monistate has made the small itchiness go away again but I'm afraid that its something else that the antifungal cream is only treating and not curing. The first symtoms occured a few days after sexual contact with a new partner. She has been tested and examined scince and has no symtoms or signs of STDs and has asured me that I have nothing to worry about. I'm still concerned because I've been to the doctors twice and whatever I have wrong with me isn't going away. Tomorrow Im going to get the perscribed medication and see if that does the trick other wise I don't what to do, a third doctor visit maybe, this is starting to be a costly and uncomfortable situation.


I have recently experienced a similar issue. I sometimes have swollen tonsils/sore throat, diagnosed as acute tonsillitis. Within a few days to a week after being with a new sexual partner I noticed a small red patch on the shaft of my penis, under the foreskin and below the head. I had been tested previously for STDs and she as well.

The affected area did not itch or burn and within a couple days became very dry and the skin began to flake. By the time an appointment with the doctor came around, about 4 days from the problem being most visible, the rash had cleared up leaving only a mild red spot.

Research on the internet has led me to connect the closest photos and symptoms to Psoriasis. I'm wondering if being in a somewhat weakened state from tonsillitis my immune system was unable to cope with bacteria or yeast which brought on the a flare up of psoriasis.

There is no history of psoriasis in the family, there is however history of Crohn's Disease which studies have shown can relate to psoriasis. It is too soon to tell, further tests have been done but results have not come back. Doctor did not prescribe anything and thought it may be a contact dermatitis, told me to visit again if the problem persisted. Maybe I'm a bit of a hypochondriac...