Hello all. I hope I'm posting in the correct forum, thank you in advance for any responses.

I was taking a continuing education class on the neck which included mobilization and manipulation. After doing the adson test for thoracic outlet syndrome I felt a slight diziness; as well, my partner was doing range of motion and some cervical mobilization on c1 c2. After lunch I started to feel nausea and slight dizziness...I then was tested for VBI and although did not have many symptoms I did get left arm numbness after 30 seconds. The next day waking up my neck felt really stiff and I could not move it without some pain. It is day three now and I am still experiencing slight nausea when moving head/eyes and am feeling drowsiness.

I was told that the reason for the initial nausea was due to stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system secondary to neck getting played with. Is this plausible? Does anyone know why the slight nausea is still going on?

BP is normal and even slightly lower..it's always around 110/70. HR was high..80-90.

I have gotten a neck adjustment a week prior without any symptoms at all.

Today I put a hot pack on neck and after taking it off I felt a shooting spasm type pain around the SCM origin and insertion.

Any help would be really appreciated thank you guys.