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If you have ecoili what are the symtoms and good you have this in your body with out doctors taking a test for this would they think it could be fatigue or coming from and other virus.?

I have been treated for parishits , I had candidia yeast for many years and this was the way it was taken cared of. I did eat raw meat when I was a child and walked in cow poop also , feeling sick and no doctors can tell me other than I have fibromyalia and chronic fatigue but I think fatigue is coming from something else in my body a virus , please help me with this .

thank you


E. coli is bacteria and not a virus. Bacteria can be detected by a stool analyses. When E. coli’s present in our body, it may cause bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever (not necessarily). E. coli may also show no symptoms.

I don’t know how long you had this problem but E. Coli is present for just a few days, it does what it does, makes us miserable for a few days and then the illness disappears. There are complications associated with E.coli but they are rare and usually happen in children and cause kidney failure.

We get the bacteria from raw animal foods like meet, eggs especially during summer. The bacteria may get into milk as well if it is present on cow’s udders. However, we may catch the bacteria from drinking contaminated water as well.

So, E. coli would highly unlike be your problem if you have had problems for a very long time. If your doctor’s are suspecting chronic fatigue, you may want to be checked for a Epstein Barr virus that is thought to possibly causes fatigue.