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how do you knew yoy got it


Some of the symptoms may indicate the presence of Epstein-Barr virus that causes nononucleosis. The symptoms may resemble a common cold. A person may have a sore throat, fever, a headaches, feel tired and have no appetite.

You may suspect you got it if you have kissed a person who had mononucleaosis or the virus. This is how it is spread-by kissing and rarely by cough. Have you been in such a situation?

However, only a doctor may diagnose it by running some tests. But you need to report all of your troubles.

Do you suspect that you have been infected? If you do, make sure you don’t exhaust yourself too much, avoid any activities and it would be vise to see a doctor.

I was in so much pain when I had mono. I didn’t feel like doing anything and was so lethargic. I was taking painkillers to get rid of the pain. It was a whole month of misery.

I heard that this same virus causes chronic fatigue syndrome.