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I've been prescribed Co-amoxiclav 500mg/ 125mg tablets, 3 times a day for a bad chest infection. The infection and pain is considerable better now on day 6. Day 7, final day, is tomorrow, which coincides with a surprise birthday party I've just found out about.

I've read that there are no known interactions between this drug and alcohol, and also that it's generally a bad idea to drink alcohol when taking any medicine.

My questions is this. Would anyone know if it would be better to finish my course tomorrow, whilst drinking alcohol(approx 15 units), or, not take the tablets tomorrow, and take them on the following day to complete the course whilst I'm not drinking alcohol?

I realize the best course of action is not drink and complete the course, but that's going to be very difficult to accomplish and not spoil the party a little. Any advice or tips regarding drinking alcohol and antibiotics  greatly appreciated.


The first commandment of antibiotics: You should never quit taking antibiotics before the course is complete!!! 

It does not matter whether or not you already feel better. You still need to make sure that you complete the course to make sure the infection is completely cleared up. You said the infection was bad. I am sure you don't want to have a repeat performance!

Drinking while on antibiotics isn't usually as bad as people tend to think; this depends on the antibiotic in question. I'd advise you to have A FEW DRINKS, not 15 units. That should not spoil the party and still keep you safe, health wise.