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I am currently taking Amoxycillin (spelling?) for an infection in my tooth (cracked it ages ago and waiting on an appointment to have it sorted). What I want to know is I would like to have a drink at new year but im not sure if I can drink with this antibiotic as some you can and some you cant, I forgot to ask the Dentist when I seen him. Anyone know? Can I mix alcohol and antibiotics


You should always consult your doctor before mixing antibiotics with alcohol. If I understand correctly, it's not so much that Amoxicillin specifically interacts with alcohol and makes the drug ineffective, but both are processed by the liver and so it's best to avoid using both and overtaxing your liver. When you are already fighting an infection, the last thing you want is to weaken your immune system further by using alcohol, anyway, but this depends on how serious the infection is. How long are you taking the Amoxicillin? If not for very long, I'd just wait it out and then have a drink to celebrate the end of the course. :)