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So I haven't taken tablets in ages, and will need to relearn for an overseas trip thats coming up. I got told to practise with vitamin C tablets because they cause no harm however when I put the tablet on my tongue in a bout 30 seconds the areas of my tongue where the tablet had been was red, sore and covered in small bumps.

I stopped using the tablets, but was wondering if anyone may know why this happened, and if I will need to get it checked up on.



if you had such reaction to these vitamin C pills, it might be possible that you are allergic to some pill ingredient. This would be difficult to say without you doing an allergy test to see if you have allergic reaction to the medications, or specific ingredients.

But, at same time, the vitamin C pills you took might have been responsible for your symptoms on their own which would mean that you won't have any reaction to any of the pills you might need to take in the future. If you can and if you have enough time before the flight, you can see your physician and allergy specialist,

Wish you all the best,