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Recently, I had an alergic reaction to something, and had to go to the ER to deal with it. When I went to an alergist, they tested me for all the things I ate that day, which included some honey. Well I didn't have an positive reactions. So I was thinking, it might be the Honey, since they tested me with some form of hony, but the one I ate that day was raspberry flower. Could that really make a difference?



when it comes to honey allergy, it's caused by flower pollen that's processed by bees to make honey. Usually people who have pollen allergy are allergic to wider range of specific pollen sources, be it trees or flowers, but sometimes these allergies can get so specific that you need to pinpoint the exact food item that you think might be responsible.

If you are repeating the allergy tests, than make sure to maybe take the sample or tell which type of honey exactly do you suspect might have been responsible for the allergic reaction you had,

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