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:'( Ok every time my daurghter think about something to hard, her head hurts. So i tell her to calm down calm down. but then a little later she gets this BURNING felling in the back of her head. A VERY PAINFUL sharp pain soon follows. she is found banging the back of her head to make it stop. Then she faints. this has been happening for about a week and I've only seen it happen 4 times. Whats the problem. Can you help, Shes only 12.


Your daughter needs serious health evaluation. You may decide to talk to a GP where s/he would send her to an appropriate specialist according to the symptoms and maybe blood findings.

It is quite possible that there’s inadequate blood flow to the brain which causes burning in the head and fainting. Maybe there are problems with arteries in the brain and this problem should be dealt with.

Other possible causes of fainting are low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, heat exhaustion, hyperventilation, but there could be other serious illnesses that only doctors can determine.

People who are nervous and hysterical by temperament are more prone to fainting. Make sure your daughter sees a doc asap.