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I have a question to see if anyone has any suggestions or answers, I am 46 years old and have not had a menstral cycle in probally 20 years. But within the last month my Breast have been really tender and sore. Can hurt for no reason. Tender to even touch.
Has anyone ever had this issue and does it go away..

I do a have a appt to see my Dr but was just wondering if this could be normal for my age


Why haven't you had a menstrual cycle in nearly 20 years? Is this related to birth control, hormonal imbalance, being pregnant and nursing all this time, or....?

Tender breasts or nipples are a common early pregnancy symptom, as you will know, but they can also be related to the menopause, breast cancer, or other (benign) breast diseases. I don't know what the cause is in your case, of course, and neither will anyone else on this site, since that requires a doctor's diagnosis, but I do think this is a reason to see your doctor. If it's the menopause, you will know and won't have to worry.