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I have been suffering from the 24 hour Virus for over 24 hours. It started on thursday and it is now Sunday. I had the vomiting for over 24 hours. Now I have had on going diaarei  for three more days. I contacted my Dr. she told me that because I have immune deficency issues including Diabetes. That my body is not fighting the illness off. How ever, a family member called me a lier. I am not faking this and I also have weakness all over. Any suggestions ? The on call Dr just called me back today and placed me back on just a liquid diet . She is calling my Dr and on Mon I will see if more blood tests to do on Mon when she calls me back.Thank You, Kathy 


Hello this is Kathleen. Yes I got the answers from my Docktor. She said because I have diabetes type 2 as well as an ammune deficency syndrome that I would probably be sicker longer because my body was not fighting this off. Thanks for the answers, Kathleen