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Hello. I'm 22 year old female and I was wondering did anyone have any experience with endometrial polyps?
Just recently, I have noticed some strange symptoms I never experienced before. I've started to suffer from irregular menstrual bleeding and some post-menstrual spotting. I didn’t know what could be the cause because I've always had regular menstruation cycle.
Of course, I contacted my gynecologist who determined that I might have some benign polyps in my uterus.
I'm scheduled in hysteroscopy in three days and I was just wondering, what treatment I will get if the prognosis came true?


Hello. I'm 35 year old female and few years back I was diagnosed with the same benign polyp in my endometrium.
The medical definition is next- endometrial polyps are localized overgrowths of the endometrium that project into the uterine cavity.
Basically, they are small benign tumors and most endometrial polyps are just too small and cause no symptoms and often go undetected.
But some may cause abnormal bleeding between menstrual periods.
Anyway- the most secure option is to have them removed. Treatment typically is removal of the polyp during hysteroscopy.
The procedure is quick and almost painless because you will get local anesthesia.


i have ulserated coliatis now i have a bleeding polip up my vegina i had ahysterectomy at 35 for poly cyctic and endometrosis

i am getting constipated and incontinate and the gino keeps putting me on hold i am know 49 and feel dumped by life the doctors keep playing with my hrt. ilive in tasmania au i feel i am turning into a fat lymfatic blob


Hi - Dont have a hystorectomy unless you really need it.

Try endometrial ablation first - they can remove the polyps during this proceedure.

I know I had it done yesterday and I feel great after 4 years of continuous bleeding.

Good luck.