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when i go to clean out my bajingo with my finger, if i push up far enough i can feel this tiny lump. like, my finger can feel it, but it can't feel my finger.

btw. i'm totally paranoid about stuff.



Lumps inside of your vagina could mean bunch of things but also it could mean nothing. Maybe the thing you are touching isn’t lump at all but the only way to find out what is really going on is to check with your gynecologist. After he examines you he will be able to tell you should you be worried or not.

If you had unprotected sex than maybe this lumps could be genital warts because they are lump like and sometimes you can feel them but sometimes not. In the beginning there is only one but after some time they start to spread and not only inside of the vagina but outside as well.

But don’t worry because everything is treatable if it is caught on time.