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Pain, tingling, and unpleasant sensations in the genital region occur frequently in females due to many reasons. Some of them are transient, but others are caused by more serious problems which may require treatment. Treatment choices depend on the underlying cause, but there are also cases where the cause cannot be revealed. 

Here are some of the most common problems of tingling, pain, and itching in the genital region.


The most common causes of tingling, itching, and even pain in the external genital organs and lower abdomen are infections. Genital infections are most commonly bacterial, but they can also be viral and fungal. Escherichia coli is the most common bacteria causing chronic urogenital infections. Candida albicans causes fungal infections which are by symptoms very similar to bacterial infections. Besides itching and pain, infections often cause foul-smelling or just smelly vaginal discharge, and blood in urine or vaginal fluid. Viral infections of the female genital organs are rare. If the infection spreads to other organs, it can cause cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder). Urogenital infections are treated with antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Using condoms during sexual intercourse can prevent most sexually transmitted diseases (SDTs).

Irritation Agents

When washing your genital region, be sure not to use irritation agents. Neutral soaps are the best choice because their pH is similar to the pH of the skin and mucosa. Underwear can contain substances and fibers that you might be allergic to, and develop allergic reaction in the form of itchy rash. If suspected, you should avoid using problematic materials. A more controversial topic involves using various lubricants to facilitate sexual intercourse. Only medically tested products should be used. Never use shampoos, oils, or soaps for lubrication because they can damage the mucosa of your vagina and cause irritation.

Use Of Inappropriate Tampons

Tampons should be clean and disinfected before application. Be sure they do not contain substances you are allergic to. Leaving tampons inside too long can prevent evacuation of menstrual blood and create a good environment for infection.


The use of sexual aids to improve sexual satisfaction is completely normal, but only if you use appropriate products manufactured for that specific purpose. Using improvised tools can cause injuries of the internal and external genital organs with consequent bleeding, scarring, pain, and functional impairment. Injuries can also be caused by sexual violence and overly aggressive sexual intercourse.

In any case of itching and pain in genital region, a series of tests should be ordered by your physician in order to discover the cause of the problem. In some cases, the cause remains unrevealed, so psychological and psychosomatic causes are proposed. This may require the use of antidepressants and other drugs acting on central nervous system. On the other hand, these problems may be temporary and disappear spontaneously after few weeks or months, but a detailed examination by your gynecologist is still needed. If you notice some other symptoms, such as bleeding, lumps in genital region, abdominal pain, and a high body temperature, you should immediately refer these problems to your health care provider.

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