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Hey, im 19 and for the past couple of months ive been having weird discharge off and on. It is sometimes whitish/yellow and is thicker than my regular discharge, almost like cottege cheese. But I dont have any pain or itching so I dont really know if there is any reason for me to go to the doctor. There is a lot of discharge though one day and then two days later there isnt anything. My boyfriend and I arent havent have intercorse or done anything orally, but he has fingered me. Does anyone know what could be wrong? and if so what do I do to stop it?


If it does look like cottage cheese, it's probably a yeast infection. Just to be sure, have a doctor (or nurse practitioner) have a look.
I'd get a treatment at the pharmacy, like canesten (sp?). Choose the 5 or 7 day cure to be sure it does the job.

BUT if the discharge is during the 2 weeks before your peroid is due, it may be normal discharge. This is why it's best to have someone have a look.

Hope this helps.


When you say you have yellow vaginal discharge on and off, do you mean in the week before your period and perhaps right after your menstrual bleeding comes to an end, by any chance? If you do, it might be normal. 

Also take note of how yellow it is. If it's very yellow, not a creamy white with a hint of yellow, you have more reason to be worried. 

Regardless though, since you are clearly worried and none of us here can see your discharge (nor do we want to, LOL), it is probably wisest to swing by your doctor for a quick look, and take it from there. 



I'm also looking for answers. I'm 25 and Married my husband and I both have genital herpes. After my last out break cleared up; I started to get this thick yellow discharge that clumps into my pubic hair. No smell or irritation, no itching. I feel normal. I mean I'm not in an outbreak.

I think it is an outbreak up inside me. Not sure. I hate going to the doctor.
I have had the same thing in the past. But this time it seems to be lasting forever.

FYI: My husband got symptoms after I had fallen in love with him. I
thought that the puss in the blisters was what passed it on. Guess I
was wrong. Guess I'm stuck with him. LOL. we are best friends and
I do not regret my actions. live and learn. Marriage is forever and
we both agree.
I never blame him or him me. We are together and that's it.

FYI: We are not believers in a higher power.