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I like to know waht they do for the uterius thickening of the walls and all please email me back at ******* :D

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Thickening of the uterus walls is called endometrial hyperplasia and is most commonly a benign overgrowth of the endometrial (uterine lining) cells. When there’s an abnormal growth of these cells, uterine lining becomes thick and causes problems with bleeding. The most common symptoms are vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, bleeding between menstrual periods and heavy or prolonged menstrual periods.
The main cause of this condition is believed to be excessive exposure to estrogen.
In most cases, endometrial hyperplasia is treated with medications. It can be birth control pills or a form of another hormone-progesterone to reach hormonal balance. Depending on your age, general health, further conception wishes, a doctor may decide to perform an endometrial ablation (removal of the uterine lining) or even hysterectomy (removal of the whole uterus) if s/he suspects that the cells could be cancerous, which is rear.