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I had a D&C and an abalation last week. I have been wondering if it is okay to have sex. I was not informed of that when I was discharged. Also it was not on my instructions. Help


i would guess you should wait atleast 4 wks i waited 6 just to be sure some dr say if you still having discharge to wait until it stops ill ost some info for you


REST REST REST and when you get tired of resting, take a nap. ;-)

Watch some of your favorite movies.

Read a good book.

Read a good magazine.

Go to bed when you get home and be pampered.

Let your spouse/relative/good friend, wait on you hand and foot if possible. Remember, even though an endometrial ablation is a minor surgery, it is still surgery, so soak up all the help you can get.

Use your heating pad for any cramping you may experience.

If given pain medication, make sure to take it before the pain starts - stay on top of the pain.

Avoid lifting - I know that many doctors say that you can lift all you want, but mine said no and I have read countless posts in the Discussion Forums of this Web Site where women lift things and they end up having problems.

When you return to work - do so on a modified schedule if you can.

No tampons and no intercourse for as long as the doctor says to avoid...this prevents infection. Take that very seriously and LISTEN to your doctor.

You may want to keep track of your bleeding for the first three to four months post endometrial ablation. It is a good way to 'show' your doctor just how much blood loss is occurring. Here is a chart you can print out and use: Bleeding Assessment Diary

Don't be afraid to call and ask your doctor any questions/concerns you may have.

~ The Most Common Questions Women Ask ~

What is this clear fluid I am passing?
This is called serous fluid and it is very normal. Most women get it, however, some do not. The reason it occurs is because when the uterine lining is destroyed, it 'weeps' this fluid and this is a sign of healing. Say you get a burn on your arm, as it starts to heal, it will 'weep' a clear liquid to heal, the same applies after an endometrial ablation due to the destruction of the endometrium.

When will my post-op bleeding/discharge stop?
It varies so much among women. Some get nothing {rare} and some get it for up to six weeks, I heard from a few women that had it a bit longer. I had it for about two or three weeks.

When can I resume intercourse?
Listen to what your doctor tells you. I was told to wait for six weeks because I had a D&C along with my endometrial ablation. Some women are told to wait until their bleeding/discharge stops, some are told to resume at two weeks, some at four weeks, etc. It differs so much, so please always follow your doctor's orders to the letter.

When can I wear tampons again?
This is up to your doctor. I have heard anywhere from two to six weeks, give or take a week.

Will I gain weight from the endometrial ablation?
Some women have reported bloating which has lasted them for a few weeks post-endometrial ablation, but no lasting weight gain from the endometrial ablation that I have ever heard of.

Will my PMS change after the endometrial ablation ~ get better or worse?
It can, however, because the ovaries are not touched, it is not supposed to have any affect on PMS. Some women report an increase in PMS while some women say their PMS is much better.

Why am I still experiencing cramps so far into my recovery?
You will still cycle and there is such a thing as a blood-less period - if there is nothing to shed - then nothing gets shed but your hormones still jump start the uterus to cramp into action so to speak.

Why am I still getting periods, I thought an endometrial ablation makes them stop?
Endometrial Ablations are performed to eliminate or reduce bleeding from the uterus. Women who have had a successful endometrial ablation will have light to normal periods, and some women will have no menstrual bleeding at all. For example - if you fall down and skin your knee on the ground, that skin or scar is a little bit tougher than the other skin on your body. Endometrial ablations aim to 'toughen up' the endometrium, that's where the bleeding comes from. So if there's less or no endometrium then there's going to be less or no bleeding.

I assumed that my next period would come 28 days (my cycle length) after my last period. Is that the assumption that the next period arrives on schedule or does the endometrial ablation set the clock somehow? Or is it just, anything could happen, have to wait and see?
Endometrial ablations do not stop the ovaries from functioning, therefore, you will still have your period when it is due, BUT in order to have a period that includes discharge (blood) you must also have a lining to shed ~ in the case of D&C's and endometrial ablations - that lining for the most part is gone (at least in the initial stages ~ it should be) thus any period that you have would only be shedding what is left in your uterus - post-op remnants and fluid from the uterus trying to heal.

What we see in a period flow is the lining of the uterus being expelled ~ depending on hormones, state of uterus, functioning of ovaries, etc., that is what is expelled during a period - once your body starts to decrease it's production of progesterone and the levels of estrogen start to increase again, the lining stops it's shedding action and starts once again to rebuild itself. A D&C or endometrial ablation would remove the lining for the most part - that is the reason that many ladies are given Lupron prior/or their endometrial ablations are scheduled when the lining is at it thinnest (right after their periods) - the doctors then have less "stuff" to deal with. Afterward the majority of that lining is gone. Your ovaries may very well be sending a signal to the uterus that it is time for a period - that is why you may continue to get PMS symptoms (brought on by hormones) but with your endometrial ablation being so recently - there should not be that much lining left to flow - so to speak! And lastly if you did have Lupron prior to your endometrial ablation - the hormone cycles are really going to be messed up for a while.

When will my final result become apparent?
This can take 3-4 months up to a full year for your final bleeding pattern to 'settle in'. Be patient as some women have some very odd bleeding patterns those first few months post-op, and sadly, some 'assume' their ablations 'didn't help' as they do not give this enough time. The body needs to get back on course and this does take time so PLEASE BE PATIENT and don't give up - give the endometrial ablation time to see if it will indeed offer you relief. Be sure to ask your doctor about this.