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Pain started in my lower back last summer and has progressed to my right thigh which at times makes my leg go out from underneath me. When that happens, I experience extreme pain which radiates down to my knee and in some cases around my hip all the way into my lower back. The pain lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to all day. Usually goes away after a good nights sleep until the next episode. Last night I turned my leg in a strange position which caused an extreme sharp pain in my groin then down to my thigh. Do you think it could be caused by the THR? This is my right thigh.


Hi Pfleck,

Some people do complain of thigh pain but it usually resolves within 2 years of surgery.  Without specifics it is hard to say for sure so your best resource is the surgeon that performed the surgery.  The bigger the diameter of the implant it seems the more likely there is to be pain.

It could also be an infection.

I would recommend you talk to your doctor.  You should not be experiencing unexplained new symptoms.